Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wahoo!!! A new blog design!!

WOW!!!! I was chatting with Kim Teasdale yesterday and casually mentioned I'd love a new blog design.  I had absolutely NO clue as to what I wanted so we started chatting today about some ideas.  I went off to make dinner and came back to an email with my blog banner. I LOVE it!!! I was absolutely blown away by what Kim created for me.  Have I mentioned I LOVE it???

Make sure you check out Kim's website called

Dilly Dally Alley Designs
You won't regret it. 

She has great watermarks as well. 

The background part of my blog is from

I'm giddy with excitement about my new blog!!! I hope you like it!!!

Kim, you ROCK!!! Thanks for being such a fabulous and amazing friend!! Love ya!!!


Torico said...

Love the new design! So pretty.:)

Cassie said...

Ooo Angela, that is freakin' awesome! I just emailed Kim in the hopes that she can help me out :D

Laurel said...

Love it!

Angel said...

oh, i LOVE it!!!

Debbie Carriere said...

LOVE it! My favorite colors!,

Hambo Hoedown said...

It looks so great!!! I can never figure out how to change all the titles and stuff with the little logos (sidebar). Super cute design. Been checking out her site!

Kim O'Connell said...

LOVE it!