Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Got Storage?

I'll admit it... I'm a ribbon whore... Yup! I said it.  I'm one of those people who loves ribbon.... I swear I'm drawn to it like a magnet.  I have so many rolls of it...  so when my good friend Corinna came out with her Ribbon Carousel, I knew it would be the perfect solution.  This 4 post carousel holds up to 96 rolls of ribbon and soon, she'll be coming out with an 8 post carousel for those smaller rolls of ribbon we all have.

 One of the things I absolutely LOVE about the Ribbon Carousel is the fact that it is 100% US made (not one piece of it is from overseas).  To me, that really says something about Corinna and her product. She really understands the importance of supporting her local economy (check out this page on her website about the story of the Ribbon Carousel). 

I know Corinna has some exciting things planned for the Ribbon Carousel... very soon!!  (And I'm incredibly excited about it). 

Make sure you check out the Ribbon Carousel Facebook page as well.  You never know what amazing things you might find there.

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