Sunday, February 28, 2010


Wow!!!! What an exciting 17 days it has been with Vancouver hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics!!! The Canadians have rocked it!!! I can honestly say I am overwhelmed by the patriotism that we as Canadians have shown over the last couple of weeks. It is one of our best showings to date and for the athletes to do it at home has been amazing.

I even had the opportunity to go to Vancouver last weekend to check out some of the Olympic action (I'll show some pics in the next few days when I get all of my computer issues fixed). It truly made me so proud to be Canadian!!! We're a patriotic bunch but we normally don't show it so openly.

I'm so excited that our Men will be playing in the Gold Medal Hockey Game today!!! Let's bring home the gold and make everyone remember whose game hockey really is!!!

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Gloria said...

It was a great game...I was on the edge of my seat!!!